Sorig Journal English


1. Boiled water stored overnight is unsafe for consumption (conceptual note from Sowarigpa): a pilot prospective observational in-vitro analysis

2. Student’s Satisfaction of Various Services Provided by the Faculty of Traditional Medicine

3. Impact of meditation on the students of Faculty of Traditional Medicine.

4. A need assessment of Sowa Rigpa Curriculum of the Explanatory Tantra (bShed-rgyud)


1.Meditation, Health and Well Being

2.Using Gso-Rig medicine as a remedy to quit smoking and drinking: A pilot study

3.The Importance of Traditional Medicine in treating Hypertension

4.Belief, Perspective and Practice of Mantra Healing in Traditional Bhutanese Medicine: A Qualitative exploratory Study.

5.The Importance of bLor-zin as a part of learning at FoTM (Faculty of Traditional Medicine)

6. Seasonal Behavior


1. Promoting Health and Happiness: A Buddhist’s Perspective.

2. Pilot study on Anti diabetic potential of Churu-5.

3. Comparative study on Mongolian and Bhutanese Traditional Medicine Services.

4. Perceived benefits of  “dutsi-nga-lum” to patients visiting Traditional Medicine.

5. Through the lens of gSo-ba Rig-pa: A Brief Introduction and Lifestyle Guide.

6. An Insight into Traditional Bhutanese Medicine.


1. Sowa Rigpa: An Avenue for Personal Health and Well-being.

2. Traditional Medicine Unit at Gelephu: An Annual Progress Report for the Year 2013.

3. Literature Review on Effects of Ingredients of Churu-5, a Bhutanese Traditional Concoction on Diabetes Mellitus.

4. Traditional Medicine Unit and Its Impact in the Communities of Dorokha Dungkhag.

5. Shortage of Medicines in the Traditional Medicine Units: A Case Study.


1. Study on the Efficacy of Hot Compression.


1. Health, Ethics and GNH – A qualitative study of vegetarian motivations.

2. Health, Wellbeing, Competence and Aging in relation to gSo-ba Rig-pa

3. Report on survey of low altitude medicinal plants of Phankhar, Goshing and Ngangla Geogs under Panbang Drungkhag.


1. The concept of gso-ba

2. Prevention of age related diseases through application of wisdom  and products.

3. Attitude of Bhutanese people on traditional medicine

4A search for Goji Berry: Lycium Barbarum in Bhutan and its relative 


1. Bhutanese Brag-zun (mineral pitch): Its uses and scientific findings.

2. Therapy Procedures of ‘Les Nga’ practised at National Traditional Medicine Hospital.

3. Safflower and Glycyrrhiza: Preparation of Herbal Cough Syrup. 

4. Science Quest – An inquiry into Human Body behaviorism.

5. Bio-Prospecting in Bhutan: Its Scope and Challenges.

 6. An Account of a Journey across Valleys and Mountains to provide training to people on
collection of medicinal plants   …  towards sustainability of traditional medical services
in Bhutan.

7. Golden Needle Therapy  (Serkhap).

8. Herbal Steam application (Lang-dug).

9. Diagnostic Methods in Traditional Medicine system.


1. Traditional Medicine in Bhutan.

2. Scope and challenges of THE Bhutanese traditional medicine in the 21st century.

3. Search for Insect fungi leads to the Discovery of New Species of  Cordyceps from Gedu Forest.

4. Collection of Medicinal Plants and the Production of Traditional Medicines
in Bhutan

5. High altitude Medicinal plants Of Chhoekor Geog, Bumthang.

6. Cordycep Sinensis in Bhutan.

 7. Report of the Refresher Course on the Identification of Low Altitude
Medicinal Plants 

8. Report of Survey on Tsheringma Herbal Tea.

9. Pharmacovigilance in ITMS.

10. Blood Letting and Cauterization in Bhutanese Traditional Medicine.