Academic Committee

The members are:

  1. Dean, Chairperson
  2. Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs), Convener
  3. Deputy Dean (Student Affairs), Member
  4. Programme Leader, Member
  5. Exam Coordinator, Member
  6. Medical Superintendent, Representative, National Traditional Medicine Hospital (NTMH), Member
  7.  Head, Menjong Sorig Pharmaceutical (MSP), Member
  8.  Namgay Lhamo, Sr. Lecturer, Member
  9. Member from DTMS.
  10. Student Representative, Member

Objective of the Committee

The purpose of the committee is to serve as a guarantor of academic standards and quality in respect of the design, delivery, development and promotion of the best practice in curricula, programmes, general educational matters and research within the institute.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Admit and register students, on behalf of the University, on programmes leading to University awards.
  2. Undertake the supervision, discipline, care and support of students in the institute.
  3. Take full responsibility for all programmes not leading to University awards.
  4. Manage programmes leading to University awards.
  5. Receive, consider and take appropriate action on Annual Programme reports, and report the outcome of the deliberation to the University’s academic board.
  6. Ensure proper conduct of Board of Examiners in line with established procedures.
  7. Contribute to the preparation of the Institute’s annual development plans.
  8. Approve and support research related to Traditional Medicine.
  9. Prepare and submit annual Human Resource Development plans to the University’s academic board.
  10. The committee shall report bi-annually to the academic board.