HR & Finance Committee

The Institute’s Human Resource and Finance committee was formed on 4th June, 2011 as per the directives of the Royal University of Bhutan and on the 18th of July , the first committee meeting was held.

The Members are:

1. Dean, Chairman
2. Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs), Member
3. Deputy Dean (Student Affairs), Member
4. Programme Leader,Member
5. Administrative Officer, Member
6. Accounts Assistant, Member
7. HR Assistant, Member Secretary
8.Staff Representative
9.Faculty Member Representative

1. Human Resource:

1.1 Quorum:
The quorum shall be two third of the members. In the absence of a quorum, no business shall be transacted.

1.2 General:
1.2.1 Ensure effective operation of all HR functions of the Institute,
1.2.2 Formulate/review HR matters,
1.2.3 Review appeals on HR actions,
1.2.4 Review appeals on performance appraisal, and
1.2.5 Review and adjudicate disciplinary cases.

1.3 Specific
1.3.1 HR Planning:
Structure, staffing pattern & strength; and HRD plans.

1.3.2 Recruitment, Selection & Appointment:
Recruit, select and appoint qualified and suitable candidates.

1.3.3 Promotion:
Review and approve promotions within broad-banded positions.
Review and recommend meritorious, fast-tract and Specialist promotions.
Review applications and shortlist eligible candidates for promotions against post vacancies.
Conduct selection interview and approve or recommend as per delegation of authority.

1.3.4 Transfer:
Review and approve all transfer cases.

1.3.5 Induction:
Institute proper induction programme for candidates newly joining Institute.

1.3.6 Training:
In keeping with the delegation of authorities on training under the University HR guidelines, the HR committee is the highest authority within the Institute.

1.3.7 Separation:
Review and approve/recommend FoTM staff opting for resignation/retirement.

1.3.8 Responsibilities of a Chairperson:
The Chairperson shall be accountable for regular convening of the HR Committee meetings.

1.3.9 Responsibilities of Member Secretary:
Preparation of Agenda
Coordination of Meetings
Keeping minutes and records of meetings
Coordinate and follow-up on all HR Committee decisions.

2. Finance:

2.1 Quorum
The quorum shall be two third of the members. In the absence of a quorum, no business shall be transacted.

2.2 The role and responsibility of Finance Committee comprise of the following:
2.2.1 To approve annual operation plan and budget accordingly.
2.2.2 To manage funds within guidelines approved by the University Council.
2.2.3 Monitor and ensure that all the works are carried out as planned.
2.2.4 Ensure the financial health of the Institute.
2.2.5 Ensure both internal and external audit are carried on time.
2.2.6 Fixation of remuneration of volunteers and visiting faculty within the guidelines approved by University Council.
2.2.7 Fixation of rental and hire charges for infrastructure other than housing.
2.2.8 Ensure timely preparation of financial statement.
2.2.9 Re-appropriate and creation of new budget heads.
2.2.10 Accept endowments/donation within the guidelines of University Council.