sMenla Tshogpa


In order to alleviate suffering from sickness and to promote health and well being of every individual, the sMenla Choga was started from October 2002 through contributions from interested staff members of the Institute of Traditional Medicine Services. On 3rd October 2003, corresponding to the 8th day of the 8th month in Lunar Calender, a sMenla Shabtok Tshokpa was formally instituted to continue the monthly choga uninterruptedly in future for the benefit of all sentient being.


The main Mandate of the Tshokpa is to organise and conduct monthly sMenla Choga on 8th of every month based on lunar calendar which is a day dedicated to Sangay sMenla. The Choga starts at 6:30 AM in the morning in sMenla Lhakhang of the institute and any member wishing to take part in the Choga is most welcome.

The members:

  1. Dean,  Chairperson
  2. Drungtsho Dophu, Associate Professor
  3. Namgay Lhamo, Associate Professor
  4. Drungtsho Kezang Tshering, Associate Lecturer.
  5. Dechen Tshomo, Sr. Accounts Assistant
  6. Pema Gyeltshen, ADMO.
  7. Councillor, Student Representative.


  1. To raise fund for conducting sMenla Choga and development of sMenla Lhakhang.
  2. To organize and conduct sMenla Choga every month.
  3. To procure required facilities and articles for sMenla Lhakhang.
  4. To organize special ceremony and empowerment for the staffs.