1. Computer Lab                                                                                                                                                 

The faculty has  one computer lab equipped with 30 computers that are  connected to the internet. All computers have the basic software installed. The lab remains open during the working hour and the student’s can also avail the lab during the off hour. The computer lab aids in the teaching learning activity.





2. Multipurpose hall

There is a fully furnished multipurpose hall for holding important events, conferences and teaching sessions with audio visual facilities. The seating capacity is about 200 persons and can be arranged in any desired manner as the chairs are not fixed on the floor.

3. Coaster Bus

The Institute has a 25 seater Toyota Coaster Bus that can be hired when there are no Institute programmes. The hire charge is Nu. 35/- per kilometer or Nu. 4500/- per day for Thimphu and for other dzongkhags is Nu. 8000/- per day and prior booking is mandatory