Certificates were awarded to the participants of the 10th Batch in Menjong Sorig Spa & Wellness (SDP 4th Batch) on November 28, 2023, marking the successful completion of their enriching three-month short course.

This comprehensive training covered a spectrum of subjects in Menjong Sorig Spa & Wellness, encompassing Herbal Therapy and Medicinal Plants, Hygiene and Sanitation, Three Humors, Sorig Anatomy, Sorig History, Sorig Yoga and Meditation, Sorig Massage, Diet and Behavior, Customer Care, Wheel of Life, and First Aid.

In addition to these modules, participants engaged in a 15-day Basic Entrepreneurship Course (BEC), immersing themselves in vital aspects of business management, including marketing, production, organization and management, finance, and accounts. The training also placed a strong emphasis on developing entrepreneurial soft skills and honing business plan preparation. The course culminated in participants presenting and pitching their business ideas to bankers and relevant stakeholders, receiving timely feedback on the viability, feasibility, and desirability of their proposals.

Remarkably, the Certificate of Best Business Pitch was awarded to those students who delivered the most compelling and innovative business presentations.

We take great pride in announcing that Ms. Tenzin Lham has been honored with the Certificate of Excellence for her active participation and outstanding achievements throughout the three-month short course training.

To all the students, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavours.