The inaugural of the first National Sorig Conference, a historic event themed “Unraveling the Wisdom of Sowa Rigpa for Holistic Health Care.” was marked on 17th May 2024.

This pioneering conference, hosted in the Faculty of Traditional Medicine , has drawn scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts of traditional medicine from across the nation to explore and celebrate the ancient healing traditions of Sowa Rigpa. In the grand opening ceremony, His Excellency Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk, WHO representative and other dignitaries graced the event, emphasizing the vital role of Sowa Rigpa in Bhutan’s healthcare system. The conference aims to integrate traditional wisdom with modern medical practices, fostering a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

A significant highlight of the event is the launch of the Bhutan Sorig Journal, a groundbreaking publication that represents a remarkable milestone in the field of traditional medicine. This journal is set to pave the way for evidence-based research, providing a platform for the documentation, analysis, and dissemination of scholarly work on Sowa Rigpa. The two day conference features research presentations, speakers speaking on various topics and panel discussions aimed at validating and advancing Sowa Rigpa practices. Experts will share their latest findings, promoting evidence based research. As the first National Sorig Conference progresses, it sets a precedent for future gatherings dedicated to traditional medicine, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The event will continue tomorrow with more insightful sessions, promising to leave a lasting impact on holistic health care in Bhutan.