A Centre of Excellence in Traditional Medicine Education (Sowa Rigpa) and Research that Produces GNH Inspired Graduates.


  • To provide Sowa Rigpa education and research of international standards with GNH principles and values.
  • To provide Continued Professional Development (CPD) programmes and expert services in relevant areas.
  • To preserve and promote rich cultural heritage.

Core Values

  • Respect for culture and tradition

As the promoter of the Bhutanese culture and tradition related to Sowa Rigpa, the Faculty will continue to uphold the integral values and essence of the traditional and ancient healing system. Yuthok Nyingthik Wang, Sorig gyudzhi Lung and use of gyudzhi paythri that form the heart essence of Sowa Rigpa will be preserved and promoted.   

  • Care for Health and Wellbeing

As the institution that promotes health and wellbeing of people, the Faculty will continue to educate and impart behaviour that will ensure healthy living. The core services and activities will focus on seeking answers to ensuring the wellbeing of society. Practices that will help avoid the three root poisons or vices that are actually the source of illness and mental wellbeing will be taught.

  • Excellence with GNH values

Being part of GNH society and academic institutions, it is inevitable that the staff and students continue to strive for excellence with unique principles and values consistent with GNH philosophy.

  • Creativity and Innovation

Continuous improvement in the traditional healing system will be possible only through unending exploration, scholarship and research. Infrastructure and facilities to encourage creativity and innovation will be emphasized. Policies and support system for dissemination of research findings and creative works will be put in place and pursued. Creative thinking and love for new ideas will be encouraged in daily conduct of business including the operation of the Faculty.   

  • Compassion and Equanimity in service delivery

Graduates of the Faculty will be trained to pursue the four immeasurable values namely Jamba, Nyingjay, Tangnyom and Gawa. It is expected to be practiced in daily conduct of life and prepare graduates with the attributes as they enter the world of work. Provision of health services with compassion and equanimity will ensure effective and high-quality care and treatment. It is inspired by the ultimate goal of traditional medical practitioners, which is to accumulate merit and attain enlightenment to be in the abode of medicine buddha.  

  • Mindfulness and Spiritual Healing

Traditional healing system is primarily founded on spiritual healing practices. Spiritual wellbeing is crucial for the protection of one’s health and recovery from various health issues. Medication is always preceded with chanting of mantra and contemplation of the benefits of medicines. Therefore, spiritual healing and practice will be promoted with sound mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is also practiced in terms of ensuring harmonious relationships with the natural environment. All medicinal ingredients are believed to thrive in a clean and pristine environment. Therefore, mindfulness will be practiced in the way we interact with natural flora and fauna.